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The Alpha Epsilon Alpha chapter of Sigma Tau Delta at TCNJ congratulates member Heba Jahama for her publication in The Sigma Tau Delta Review, the critical journal of Sigma Tau Delta. Heba’s work “‘Your Cost of Living’: Bare Life and Exception in Let it Be Morning” will be published in the 2016 issue.

Heba wrote the paper as an independent study under the guidance of TCNJ English professor Dr. Mindi McMann. A summary of the paper follows:

This paper analyzes Sayed Kashua’s 2006 novel about a weeklong siege on an Arab-Israeli village and is informed by Giorgio Agamben’s definition of sovereignty as the ability to distinguish human bodies—bare life—from human citizens. The paper argues that while the siege in the novel represents Agamben’s model of sovereignty, it illustrates that the state’s political distinctions made must also be reflected physically, in this case on the bodies of the Arab-Israeli villagers whose transformation from political life to bare life allows for the historic peace treaty that concludes the novel.

At the 2015 Convention, Heba’s paper “Conceptions of Rape in a Qu’ranic Narrative” was awarded second place in the British and World Literature category. Congratulations again from everyone here at TCNJ AEA!

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