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Secondary school teaching of English

The ENGT major is designed for students who plan to be high school English teachers or middle school language arts teachers.  It provides broad coverage in content in literature and language, and offers many opportunities to work in the field.

In 2009-10, the department devised a new 5-year ENGT track, in which students would earn a BA in English, secondary school certification (grades 5-12), and an MA in English.

Please visit the English department webpage for more information.

ENGT majors do the same coursework as Liberal Arts Majors in English, but they also take two sophomore professional experience classes (SED 224 and EFN 299), a three course linked junior field experience (JFE – EED 390 Teaching Reading, SED 399, and SPE 323), two additional pedagogy classes (EFN 398 Historical and Political Context of Schools, EED 400 Teaching Writing), and their senior student teaching semester.  This is a total of 10 courses beyond the English Liberal Arts Major.

In addition, ENGT students take a content exam in literature and language to demonstrate their proficiency in their core content.  This exam is taken before student teaching in spring of the junior year.  The exam is an essay exam with the questions provided in advance.