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Congratulations to all our members who were accepted to present their work!

2012 | New Orleans, LA

  •  Kathryn Begeja, ENGA ’12: “Representations of Wilderness in the Narrative of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson”
  • Chelsey Brockenbrough, ENGA ’12: “Society and Death in ‘On the Death of a fair Infant dying of a Cough’ by John Milton”
  • Katelyn Bruffy, ELEM & ENGA ’13: “Anne Elliot’s Cinderella Story: Persuasion and the Fairy-Tale Archetype”
  • Alicia Cuomo, SPE & ENGA ’13: “Your Daughter is a Real Gem” (poetry collection)
  • Mariko Curran, ENGA ’13: “Not Just a Naysayer: The Layers of a Nigh-Sayer in 1600s London”
  • Zach Gall, ENGA & PSY ’13: “Respect the [White]man’s Law: Male Agency in Son of the Wolf
  • Jeff Harrison, ENGA ’12: “‘I am, I am, I am’: Constructing Sylvia Plath’s Self-Identity Through Her Work”
  • Brian Hartt, ENGT ’13: “Tall Tales: Meta-Narrative in Eva Luna
  • Matt Huston, JPW ’12: “(Dis)connected: Friends, ‘Friends,’ and Empathetic Communication in the Facebook Era”
  • Jenna Lanzaro, ENGT ’13: “Jesus and AIDS: The New Treatment of Religion in D.A. Powell’s Contemporary Poetry” and “The Name Book” (poetry collection)
  • John McCormack, ENGT ’12: “Education and Unseen Influence: The Deconstruction of ‘New’ and ‘Old’ Schools in The Great Gatsby
  • Rebecca McNulty, ENGA ’12: “Destroying Social Outliers: The Functional Significance of Wife Swap on Middle Class Culture”
  • Catherine Michaelsen, ENGA ’12: “Deconstructing Sexuality in Jane Eyre
  • Jamie Primeau, ENGA & JPW ’13: “Harriet as a Creation of Emma and Austen / Frankenstein as a Creation of Victor and Shelley”
  • Kimberly Stivers, SPE & ENGA ’12: “Fanny Kemble`s Records of A Girlhood: Recordings of a Rebel”
  • Samantha Zimbler, ENGA ’13: “‘An Appalling Love’: Differential Consciousness and Agnes’ Syncretic Identity in The Last Report on The Miracles at Little No Horse
  • Congratulations also to Jessica Baker ENGA & ARTH ’12 and Allison Greer SEDA & ENGA ’12 for acting as session chairs at the conference.

2008 | Louisville, KY

  • Trista Altstadt, ENGT ‘08: “Presentation is Everything: An Analysis of the Negro Image in Claude McKay’s ‘The Lynching’”
  • Christine Hartigan, ENGA & IMMA ‘08: “Chapter Web Design” panel presentation at the Student Leadership Workshop
  • Randal Kalmikoff, ENGT ‘09: “Another Look at the Mutt and Jute Dialogue in Finnegans Wake and “Tom” (short story)
  • Randal Kalmikoff, ENGT ‘09: panel presentation for “Teaching Multi-Cultural Literature in the Diverse Classroom”
  • David Knecht, ENGT ‘08: “Expanding Holocaust Discourse: Schlink’s The Reader as an Essential Holocaust Text”
  • David Knecht, ENGT ‘08: panel presentation for “Teaching Multi-Cultural Literature in the Diverse Classroom”
  • Joanna Oliver, ELEM & ENGA ‘08: “From the Desk of Ernestine Hemingway: A Look at the Consciousness of Man’s Wavering Dominant Status in In Our Time
  • Nicole Pfeiffer, ENGA & INTS ‘09: “An Acme of Things Accomplished: Science and Industry as a Means of Unification in the poetry of Walt Whitman”
  • Erica Rosenfeld, ENGA ‘08: “Narrative Contradictions in Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace
  • Jason Toncic, ENGT ‘10: “The Man of the Bildungsroman: Nick Adams’s Maturation in In Our Time
  • Lindsey Warren, ENGA ‘08: “Letters or Lines?: Linguistic Breakdown and the Importance of the Visual in Fractal Economies
  • Alex Witkowski, ENGT ‘09: “Incommunicado: the Consequences of Silence in Melville’s ‘Bartleby’” and “Snow Globe” (poetry collection)

Also accepted: Rachel Felter, Adam Engel

2007 | Pittsburgh, PA

  • Michael Dimasi
  • Jenna Dodenhoff
  • Andrew Erkkila
  • Cameron Gray
  • Christy Hartigan
  • Kevin Kelly
  • David Knecht
  • Lindsay Knight
  • Nicole Pfeiffer
  • Erica Rosenfeld
  • Lindsey Warren

Also accepted: Kathleen Hynes

2006 | Portland, OR

    • Lisa Caputo
    • Jess DeLisi
    • Andrew Erkkila
    • Catharina Evans
    • Cameron Gray
    • Pam Hanscom
    • Christy Hartigan
    • Lindsay Knight
    • Logan Liskovec
    • Anthony Milici
    • Lauren Miskin
    • Laura Rancani
    • Courtney Rydel

Also accepted: Michelle Blakely, Katherine Desfosse, Jess Gill, Kristen Pihokker