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Many campus honor societies require their members to earn points through honor society activities to wear an honor cord at graduation.  This requires officers to spend time calculating attendance and points rather than sponsoring activities of interest ot the campus community.

The Sigma Tau Delta board has instituted a new honor cord system.  Honor cords may be earned by any member simply by being an active member of the TCNJ community in any capacity related to literature or language or service: All College Theatre, the Bonner Center, INK, Lion’s Eye, Residence Life, the Signal, student government, and the Tutoring Center are all examples of the many places and ways in which Sigma Tau Deltans may be active members of the campus community.

In the spring term of senior year, Sigma Tau Deltans are invited to use a Form Genie to narrate their on campus activities that they believe make them active in their community.  As this is an honor society, we expect and receive honest answers.  We have never denied a cord to a graduating senior who narrated her/his activities.  The national organization limits our cord purchases, however, to full national members.  Social members cannot have a cord.  All full national members, whether or not they ask for a cord, are starred in the English department graduation program and recognized at the English department graduation.  All double majors are welcome at the English department graduation.