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Congratulations to

  • Heba Jahama ’16, whose essay “’Your Cost of Living’: Bare Life and Exception in Let it Be Morning” has been selected for publication in the 2016 Sigma Tau Delta Review.
  • Robyn Gold ’15 who was awarded a $1,000 Eastern Regent Scholarship to pursue her MA in English in the five year program at The College of New Jersey
  • Sara Stammer ’15, MA ’16, who was elected as Eastern student representative to the national board of Sigma Tau Delta for academic year 2015-2016.
  • Carly DaSilva ’15, whose poem “To Make Me a Bird appeared in The Sigma Tau Delta 2015 Rectangle. Carly was also invited to read her poetry at the Rectangle reading on 18 March 2015 at Albuquerque, NM.
  • The following students who received awards for their presentations at the 2015 Sigma Tau Delta International Convention in Albuquerque, NM:
    • Erin Shannon ’16, whose paper “White Privilege in Luis Valdez’s Zoot Suit” won first place for essays about Latino or Native American Literature.
    • Heba Jahama ’16, whose paper “Conceptions of Rape in a Qu’ranic Narrative” won 2nd place for essays about British or World Literature.
    • Andrew Ryan ’16, whose paper “Identity in Invisible Man: A Kind of Combat” won 2nd place for essays on American Literature.
    • Stephanie Pilipshen ’16, MA ’17, whose paper “19th Century Homelessness and Twain’s Huck Finn” won 3rd place for essays on American Literature.
  • The following students who presented at the 2015 Sigma Tau Delta International Convention in Albuquerque, NM:
    • Amy Hopper ’16, “War and Modernism: To the Lighthouse
    • Kelly Conboy ’15, MAT ’16, “I Heard it Through the Grapevine: Interpersonal Communication in Persuasion
    • Jennie Sekanics ’16, “Rupturing Social Norms: Status & Class”
    • Colleen Murphy ’16, “Buggy” (original screenplay)
    • Megan Osika ’15, “Mexican-American Multiculturalism in Butterfly Boy
    • Tracey Napoli ’16, “Invisibility: The Rejection of Conformity”
    • Sara Ashley Stammer ’15, MA ’16, “A Manifestation of Trauma: Hybrid Postmemory”
    • Taylor Nicastro ’16, MA ’17, “Deconstruction in the Eyre: Helen and Jane”
    • Anna Gracey ’17, “Rushdie: What Nightmares Are Made Of”
    • Heba Jahama ’16, “Conceptions of Rape in a Quranic Narrative”
    • Nicole Cammarota ’16, “Trauma Authenticated by Silence: Fugitive Pieces
    • Robyn Gold ’15, MA ’16, “The Cave: Marston’s Sophonisba and Middleton’s The Witch
    • Andrew Ryan ’16, “Identity in Invisible Man: A Kind of Combat”
    • Erin Shannon ’16, “White Privilege in Luis Valdez’s Zoot Suit
    • Susan Pereny ’15, “Mistaken Identity: Realism and Great Expectations
    • Carly DaSilva ’15, “The Glass Memoir” original poetry collection
    • Stephanie Pilipshen ’16, MA ’17, “19th Century Homelessness and Twain’s Huck Finn
    • “How to Teach Writing: Enchanting Strategies” roundtable: Robyn Gold ’15, MA ’16Kelly Conboy ’15, MAT ’16Nicole Cammarota ’15, Dr. Felicia Jean SteeleProf. Diane Steinberg
  • Dr. Felicia Jean Steele, Prof. Diane Steinberg, and our TCNJ chapter, who will chair and host the 2016 Sigma Tau Delta International Convention in Minneapolis, MN.
  • Samantha Altman ’15, whose photographs “Pollinate Me” and “A Storm’s Start” appeared in The Sigma Tau Delta 2014 Eastern Region Mind Murals literary journal.

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